6956 goddess figures, cut from cochineal dyed silk and layered in threes, represent the average number of Native American women sexually assaulted each year.  Native women are three times more likely to be assaulted than other women in the US.  The trio clusters, resembling feathers, attach to the cloak in a metaphorical mantle of empowerment and protection.

Interview with Portland Art Museum

As a Native American woman I often reference Pre-Contact culture in my work.  The khipu was pertinent to this work, as a device made of cords, and as an endangered indigenous language. The incidence of violence against Native American women is almost three times greater than the national average and 90 percent of the sexual assaults are by non-Native men.  Historical precedents of conquest and colonialism continue to play out.  I metaphorically connected the silencing I experienced when I was raped to the silencing of Native American culture and voices.